Below are a few recent comments that our customers have made. We’ll be posting more in the future so please check back.

My best friend and I wanted to go on a fishing guide trip for salmon. So we searched the fishing guide websites and came across Rather B Fishing where after reading Joe’s bio and seeing his boat and photos we knew this was the guide we wanted. We found he has longtime real life experience on these waters and the passion for fishing beyond what we have ever seen.

I’ve been on a few guide trips that had several people to trips that had a dozen people trying to land the big one. We really liked the Joe’s smaller client group approach to provide a more personal adventure for his clients. We ended up booking the boat for the 2 of us for the 4 days of salmon fishing and crabbing.

It was a legendary experience for us because of Joe.

He has a lot of patience and he is a master at what he does. Putting us on fish all the time and coaching us to get them in the boat. One day I missed 4 hook ups and my buddy limited out, next day he again put us on the fish and I limited out.

Each day fish were caught and if we were a little faster to the hookup and listened better to Joe we would of limited out each day. For all the boats we communicated with we got the most and some of the biggest fish.

Put your trust in him, we did and came out big winners, oh yea and took home 2 ice chests full of salmon and crab. Many thanks to Joe and we will see him again.

Gary and Ken

Scott Simmons wrote:
     Joe Terleski’s knowledge and confidence on the water says it all. He is focused on providing an incredible trip for his clients no matter what the skill set. Fly fishing, lures, back bouncing, trolling, Joe does it all with years of experience and passion for the sport. Based on many years of fishing with Joe I can say he is one of the most skilled guides you can find. I highly recommend Rather B Fishing Guide Service as one of the top guide services in the area.
   – Scott Simmons

Mike Johnson wrote:
Honesty and integrity is the first thing that we all value and look for when we do business with anyone. Joe Terleski is a man of character, who can be trusted and counted upon to keep his word in all matters. If you add this with the fact that he is truly a fishing master, and has spent his entire life in the pacific northwest haunting every species and section of water around, you have found the bargain of a century in his guide service. Trust me, he has made me a better fisherman, and the joy Joe has in helping people improve and find success is his passion.
– Mike Johnson

Natalie Di Grazia wrote:
Joe is a hard working guide who knows the river. A very helpful and easygoing all around nice guy. He varies the presentation to find what the fish want. I had a great day fishing with Joe.
– Natalie Di Grazia