Steelhead are my favorite. They’re willing biters and range from 6-20 pounds with 8-10 pounds being the average.

There are winter run Steelhead and Summer Run Steelhead, some rivers have them year round. They are a blast on a fly rod or any rod for that matter.

Chinook Salmon are known to be the most sought after fish for their size and table fare. They range in size from 6 pounds up to 40+ pounds. There is a fall and spring run. Spring Chinook are highly prized for their table fare, most folks consider spring Chinook the best eating Salmon there is. Fall Chinook tend to run larger than the spring fish with more of them to be caught.


These 2-5 pound fish run up the Willamette and Columbia rivers from the ocean in May and June. They’re a bright silver fish that puts up a good fight on light tackle and are easy to catch. A great fish for kids to learn how to fight fish and have lots of action. By 5 years old my son could play a Salmon well due to learning on these fish. Most folks don’t eat them due to their boney structure, some people like to can them. We either let them go or keep them as Crab bait. Because they are a very oily fish they make great Crab bait.

Sturgeon (catch and release)- If you just want to have fun catching a lot of hard fighting fish up to 8 feet long, this is it! Fish and game closed the rivers a few years ago to the retention of these great fish, but still allow us to fish for them.

The fishing has improved a lot since the closure so it’s a lot of fun on the water. A good combo is Salmon and Sturgeon fishing.

Crabbing- Crabbing in Oregon is by far the best bang for your buck! In late summer and fall catching Oregon Dungeness Crab in one of several bays along the coast is a great time. During this time of year the weather is usually very nice and the Crab plentiful. We will time trips with the tides and usually don’t spend more than about 4 hours on the water. We can cook your catch there or you can take them home and DIY. Nothing better than eating freshly cooked Crab!
Salmon fishing and Crabbing are a good combo.

Combo Fishing Trips Will Be Charged At The Full Day Jet Boat Rate.